REX Pet Hotel - Kennels & Cattery

REX Pet Hotel is a small family run concern that opened in April 2012. The idea of a pet hotel came about because we wanted to utilise the great facilities that we have here and be able to provide personalized care for your animals whether it be day care or overnight stay. We can provide your pets with a caring, happy, safe & clean environment during their time with us.

Whilst our facility is geared primarily towards dog kennels, we also have a cattery located on the same site but some distance from the kennels so as not to disturb our feline guests. The kennels are spacious and heated and incorporate an outdoor exercise area. In addition to the kennels and cattery we can accommodate a variety of different pets - please enquire for details.

Rex Pet Hotel is located in a picturesque village location at Cuckney near Worksop, in the heart of Nottinghamshire, surrounded by fields and woodlands. The kennels were once home to the local hunting dogs and have undergone renovation but with many of the original features remaining intact.

We are fully insured & licensed and inspections can be undertaken at any time during opening hours.